Matthew Ryan, Technical Specialist

Matthew Ryan provides technical expertise in the encryption and financial modeling fields.  His specialty is data encryption protocols and their vulnerabilities especially from efficient factorisation algorithms. He is currently researching topological quantum field theory. He is proficient in various computer languages such as python, MATLAB, Maple and R.

Before advising the Harris Firm, he worked at an international consulting firm where he focused on data management and process optimization. He completed a masters in mathematics at Bristol University, studying non-linear dynamics, control systems, topology, quantum computing and mathematical analysis before specializing in cryptography and factorisation methods.

Technical Experience

  • Studying quantum information theory under Richard Josza, co-inventor of the quantum teleportation protocol;
  • Researching cutting-edge algorithms for fast factorisation to break cryptographic schemes and their asymptotic limitations;
  • Creating new fractal designs using various non-linear functions for use in circuit architecture;
  • Analysing and error detection in mass financial data for multinational clients of an international consulting firm.

3-3-3 Higashiazabu, Suite 302, Minato-ku
Tokyo 106–0044
T: +81 3 4588 3940
F: +81 3 6800 6868
Email: Matthew Ryan

University of Bristol, MSci (Hons), Mathematics

Japanese (beginner)
French (beginner)
German (beginner)
English (native)

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